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Hambrecht Ventures

Hambrecht Ventures is the present incarnation of our venture arm.  We combine decades of venture experience with an advanced computing system that provides unique insights into private markets, including an ability to pinpoint early disruptive companies around the globe.


WR Hambrecht + Co was founded by William Hambrecht, who previously founded investment bank Hambrecht & Quist that went public in 1996 and was acquired by Chase Manhattan in 1999. For more than 50 years Hambrecht has specialized in identifying early disruptive companies and helping them grow.​


WR Hambrecht + Co launched its first venture fund in 2000 with a broad mandate to find technology companies that had disruptive characteristics. Since our first fund in 2005, Hambrecht Ventures has expanded to include three additional generalist ventures funds, two healthcare focused funds with a major healthcare provider as sole LP, and several single purpose funds that invested in opportunities that fell outside our typical investment parameters.


Over more than a decade of collaboration with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, Hambrecht Ventures investment strategy has been based on a disciplined application of Christensen's "Disruption Theory". Disruptive companies are those that start at the low end of markets, with lower cost, or that start by targeting underserved customers in new markets, and then move up-market to create transformational growth

Our Funds

Hambrecht Ventures is the General Partner for Hambrecht Ventures I, LLC (vintage 2005) , Hambrecht Ventures II, LP ( 2007), Hambrecht Ventures III, LP (2015), and Hambrecht Ventures IV, LP (2020), and Hambrecht Ducera Healthcare Growth Ventures Fund I, LP (2019) and Hambrecht Ducera Healthcare Growth Ventures II, LP (2021).

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